Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Angry Preachers

Last year, around the Easter season, I heard a pastor preaching a series of sermons that were based around the question, “Why?” He was providing his flock with reasons to believe in Christ. Most of this stuff would be considered apologetics, which I’m studying currently with my youth group.

I honestly don’t remember a lot about his messages, but I do remember one thing. When he was preaching on this topic, he seemed to be extremely angry. In fact, I remember asking in my notes, “If we’re preaching the good news, then why are we so angry?”

Why do some preachers get so angry?

I always liked what Joe Noonen would say inevitably once during each sermon he preached at MVNU, “I don’t know why I’m yelling, I’m not mad at you.”

I think it’s one thing to get excited and yell a bit during a sermon, especially because we are generally talking about some important stuff. I’m not a big fan of the “angry preacher” though. It reminds me of the Bullhorn Guy that Rob Bell describes so well in the 9th Nooma video.

So, are angry preachers really benefiting the Kingdom? Do you enjoy listening to angry preachers? Is there a place for this type of preaching?