Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God's Presence

This morning in prayer meeting, an interesting concept came to me. We were talking about Psalm 27. In that Psalm, the psalmist tells God that the only thing he wants is to dwell in the Temple. If you know your Old Testament theology at all, you know that the Temple was where the presence of God resided.

So, in essence, the psalmist is saying that the only thing he wants from God is to be in God’s presence.

What if this was my prayer today?

Could I be content with just asking God to be with me?

As I continued think about that thought, I moved myself from Old Testament theology into New Testament theology. As a result of Christ’s death, the veil in the Temple was torn. As a result of that, the presence of God is everywhere now. This had the profound effect that anyone can approach the throne of God.

So, what if my prayer was still to simply dwell in God’s presence?

What does that look like?

As the conversation at prayer meeting continued, the idea presented itself that we are not simply in the presence of God. We are the presence of God!

We are the presence of God to the world.

We are the walking, living, breathing presence of God.

How does that change the way we think today? What about the way we act?